How to recover a stolen bitcoin with Bliss Paradox Recovery

Hi, my name is Jennifer and I'm happy to share this short story with you. READ CAREFULLY, IT MIGHT BE OF GREAT HELP. I invested all the USDT I had to STAR DAVE investment company on my Bybit trading account, thought it was going to earn me a lot of funds. But I was played by scammers, my 154k USDT was stolen from me.  Unless I make another deposit of 12k USDT, I won't be able to withdraw the rest of the funds. These guys are scammers. All my money gone just like that!  All my life savings gone.I consulted so many tracking means, I could not get back what was stolen and I felt like there was no hope of getting them back.Luckily I came across BLISS PARADOX RECOVERY on a google website, I sent them all the details of of my transactions with these scammers. And guest what? All my stolen funds were recover within 6 Hours. These guys are very real. They made me believe that funds recovery are real. A very licensed hacking experts. Contact details of the company. Mail: Blissparadoxrecovery (@aol.) com, Telegram: Blissparadoxrecovery, Whatsapp +1..3..8..0..2..0..6..9..7..1..2

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