How to recharge PUBG Mobile cheaper?

The PUBG Mobile international server is generally the direct US server version,but this version is a common overseas version,which can be played in Canada,Europe,etc.After downloading this version,players can directly play games with overseas players.Do you want to experience the strength of foreign friends?Is it easier to eat chicken in the international server than in the national server?Let’s try it?

In fact,the official website does not provide recharge.At present,recharge is basically carried out through the in-game mall,but not everyone has a visa card,because most people do not have a Visa card.You can choose to buy official recharge on uglyhamsters,which is not only cheaper,but also more expensive.Simple.

PUBG Mobile recharge process:

1.Search'PUBG Mobile'on uglyhamsters and purchase the corresponding face value.

2.Log in to your Midasbuy account.

3.Go to the"PUBG Mobile game credit top-up"page and enter your game ID.Please confirm that the game ID you typed is correct to avoid unnecessary losses.

4.Go to"Redeem Code"and enter the redeem code.

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